Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day One of 30#'s

well heck, we gotta start somewhere!
this morning, which seems to be running into today, and is also a continuation of last night... i've had little sleep. i took a predestined health related nap for about 3 hours. iv'e been awake since 1am. i am starting to feel the ill effects of age vs. sleep deprivation. but, i must stay awake all day so that i can go to sleep tonight. there are Pretzels to be made.

breakfast consisted of:

  • a bunch of red grapes (not like a bunch, too many to count - but an actual bunch w/grapes on the vine)
  • 32oz of iced tea
  • 1 something minty & unhealthy
  • 24oz coffee w/sweetener & cream
  • 2 homemade buttermilk biscuits
  • 2 scoops scrambled eggs (roughly a palmFuL)
  • 1/3 of 1/2 # of beef bacon
my pastor just called, we chatted & now i am leaving to go try on new clothes!

Here's a quote by:
Gilda Radner>
I base most of my fashion sense on what doesn't itch.